From Huckleberry till June…

Hi there!

We are Theana and Scout, the founders of Huckleberry & June and this is our story:

Our first fated encounter at the West Marin preschool was soon followed by our mothers' collective decision to take us out of public school and form a Waldorf education Kindergarten class, along with some other people in the community. They called it 'Huckleberry', and this sweet little school group is where we became forever-friends.
We grew up together in the small town of Inverness, CA and have continued our friendship until today.
30 years after our days at Huckleberry, we each had little girls of our own, both destined to be born in the month of June! 

After spending time catering and photographing in the wedding and events industry (both together and separately!), we decided to join forces and start a weddings and events rental business.

This business has morphed into a true family affair, involving our partners and children every step of the way. Shout out to Colby and Kurtis particularly, but also the kids JJ, Knox, Jem and Kaija!

By creating our own jobs and schedules we cherish this extra time with our families, and getting to see each other more often!

The Huck and June vibe emanates from our shared love for beautiful aesthetics, the aging yet classic world of analog film, and the nostalgia of Volkswagen buses.
Theana's Danish heritage has always been an influence for her especially when it comes to appreciating great design. Being lovers of artfully curated spaces, we’ve naturally acquired unique furniture and gorgeous decor. 

Each piece in The Gems collection has been intentionally selected by us to be a part of a grand assemblage of rentals, with the vision of being key elements of events, that naturally catch your eye.

Scout’s affinity for all things vintage along with her passion and talents in photography inspired us to take on the project of retrofitting a VW bus into the most amazing photo booth. This dream becomes a reality thanks to Scout's husband Kurtis and his 15+ years of experience and knowledge working with vintage cars.
Our beloved June Bus photo booth is the ideal addition to any event that wants to stand out as the most awesome and radical occasion of the year!

Together we share a special friendship and now a beautiful business that we love. We are super excited to create more life long memories, not only for ourselves, but especially for you and your special occasion!

sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
- Dr. seuss

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Huckleberry and June: Bringing you June Bus
🚌 The coolest 1974 VW photo booth bus for rent.
💎 Unique vintage & modern flair to make any event pop.